Finding, Recruiting and Retaining the Right Talent

Insurance carriers, insurtechs and technology companies are converging in connected insurance. How can companies recruit the right talent?

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How the insurance industry can compete to recruit new people into the industry
  • Which, if any, insurance industry experience and skills technology companies and insurtechs should prioritize when recruiting
  • The difference in culture between an insurtech or technology company and an insurance company and how to blend them

Change has come to the insurance industry driven by new technology and the potential for new products and new business models. Insurance carriers are adapting to the changes by forming cross functional teams and forging alliances with insurtechs and technology companies. Insurtechs and established companies in other industries are also competing to disrupt the industry. All of this change requires an assessment of who are the best people to recruit to realize the promise of a changing industry. What skills do companies need? How can companies be a preferred choice for talent in a changing and diverse workforce?


How will the IoT Transform Insurtech in 2021?

Beyond auto insurance, how is the IoT transforming the insurance industry? This is the first of Indenseo's Connected Insurance webinars

Emerging technology, such as IoT, has transformed how insurers service and engage with customers across their buying journeys.

We will discuss the Internet of Things (IoT) and Connected Insurance. What is the IoT? What is Connected Insurance? How are they correlated?

The questions discussed include:

  • How has the IoT affected the insurance industry?
  • Which types of technology have had the biggest impact on the insurance industry?
  • Which insurance sectors have adopted IoT development enthusiastically – and why?
  • What’s the future of IoT in insurtech and will legacy systems survive?

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