How Will The IoT Transform Insurtech in 2021?


Emerging technology, such as IoT, has transformed how insurers service and engage with customers across their buying journeys.

A discussion the Internet of Things (IoT) and Connected Insurance. What is the IoT? What is Connected Insurance? How are they correlated?

The questions discussed include:

  • How has the IoT affected the insurance industry?
  • Which types of technology have had the biggest impact on the insurance industry?
  • Which insurance sectors have adopted IoT development enthusiastically – and why?
  • What’s the future of IoT in insurtech and will legacy systems survive?


Jeffery Williams

Jeffery Williams

Senior Analyst, Forrester

Jeffery is a senior analyst serving financial services digital strategy professionals, helping them evaluate the implications of digital innovation on their businesses. His thought leadership and advisory focuses on the intersection of secular trends and technological advancements, such as the internet of things (IoT) and sensors, artificial intelligence and machine learning, and natural language processing, as these advancements are changing the way financial services firms do business and interact with their customers.

Previous Work Experience

Jeffery has more than 10 years of experience working with C-suite executives and senior business leaders to shape business strategy at insurance clients. Prior to joining Forrester, he was an associate director at Ernst & Young (EY), where he led EY’s Americas’ insurance sector market research and insights program, working closely with senior engagement partners to drive growth at key global and US accounts. Before EY, Jeffery was a senior manager at PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC), where he delivered insurance industry and company research, analysis, and thought leadership support to client service partners and their engagement teams during consulting pursuits and engagements. Prior to PwC, Jeffery was employed for five years as an equity analyst at global and regional investment banks, covering the retail and consumer and automotive aftermarket industries.


Jeffery holds an MBA from the Darden School at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, Virginia. He received his bachelor’s degree in agribusiness from Florida A&M University in Tallahassee, Florida.

Hiking, meditation and time with family, friends and her blue standard poodle, Nia, are a big cornerstone to her self-care. Inspiring black and brown people to thrive feeds her heart.

Kevin Henderson

Kevin Henderson

Founder and CEO, Indenseo

Kevin Henderson is the CEO and Founder of Indenseo, a provider of insurance analytics software and services. He has extensive leadership and entrepreneurial experience in software, data, telematics and cloud computing.

Prior to founding Indenseo he was the General Manager of Data Services at Trimble. He was responsible for creating products and services from Trimble telematics data to increase fleet efficiency and safety. The first data customer was Google and the Trimble team worked with Google to create the first traffic predictive algorithms. Subsequent data services customers included NAVTEQ, Inrix and Companies that used predictive traffic traffic solutions created with Trimble data included BMW, Ford and Microsoft. Trimble telematics data was also used by various government agencies for land use planning for projects such as toll road planning and shipping port trucking policies.

Kevin developed Trimble’s insurance telematics strategy. Trimble was part of the insurance telematics programs for Zurich, Hartford and Travelers. Kevin’s experience working with insurance telematics programs caused him to found Indenseo.

Kevin’s previous positions include head of business development at Eyematics Interfaces, head of technology and content licensing at Infoseek; co-founder of WebTrack and Market Arts WebFacts. WebTrack and Market Arts were pioneers in measuring advertising activity and audiences on the internet.

Kevin received his bachelor's degree from Harvard.

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